Mikey Marohn | Jackson, Wyoming

Mikey Marohn athlete Jackson Hole Wyoming whatvest TGR

Mikey is a born and raised Wyoming boy.  He’s been riding for the past 24 years and is still in love. Featured in the Teton Gravity Research films “Make Believe” and “Stoke the Fire”, you can also find Mikey competing in the Kings & Queens of Corbet’s. Says Mikey of his custom WhatVest, “my WhatVest is super comfortable with madd storage for all my goodies.” Follow Mikey on Instagram @_mikeymarohn. Photo: @chrisfigenshau


Hayden Price | Alta, Utah

Hayden price athlete whatvest Alta Utah skier IcelanticHayden Price is clearly on an alternative path to enlightenment and self mastery. Born and raised in Alta, Utah he took that fertile placement and sculpted a unique approach to the mountains. You can find him slashing and popping off every little bump in sight and embracing switch powder skiing. When the snow melts you can find Hayden climbing granite walls, riding epic trails and creating immersive art experiences at festivals. Follow Hayden in Instagram @haydenzprice. Photo: Chris Whitaker


Luke Miele | Mad River Glen, Vermont

Luke Miele skier whatvest athlete mad river glen Vermont IFSA TRG Jackson Hole

Originally from Massachusetts, Luke Miele grew up skiing at Mad River Glen in Vermont and has been competing on the IFSA Junior Tour since he was 10 years old. Over the past two seasons Luke has won eight IFSA events in a row. In 2020 Luke won the TGR Grom Comp which he said was a dream come true. Growing up watching TGR films, Luke aspires to ski, film and continue to create his own ski movies. Follow Luke’s adventures on Instagram @luke.miele.


Inti Fernandez | Bariloche, Argentina

Inti Fernandez whatvest athlete Bariloche Argentina skier big mountain

Inti Fernandez was born and raised in Bariloche, Argentina learning to ski at the age of five. He has trained in alpine ski racing, freestyle and big mountain skiing and the latter of which he has dedicated his life to professionally discovering mountains around the world, training for the Freeride World Tour. In recent years Inti has dedicated himself to making documentary ski films in locations around the world. Follow Inti on Instagram @inti_fernandez_.


Steph Kasun | Bridger Bowl, Montana

Steph Kasun skier artist whatvest

Skier, artist, and wildland firefighter Steph Kasun lives the purest outdoor lifestyle near Bozeman, Montana. Steph has begun competing on the big mountain freeskiing circuit and when not clicked she enjoys dirt biking, paddling, climbing and fishing in addition to her amazing array of art projects, check her art out @steph_kasun_art or her mountain adventures @steph_kasun.

Scotty Vermerris | Little Cottonwood Canyon, Utah

scotty vermerris athlete whatvest Icelantic

Scotty is a lifelong skier and sailor whose passions naturally turned into professions. During the winter you will find Scott leading the athlete team at Icelantic Skis where he has played a key role in building the brand over the past 12 years. During the summer you can find Scott racing and sailing in various parts of the world and particularly in Park City where he is the Executive Director at Sail PC which includes adaptive and therapeutic sailing programs. He is a licensed captain and teacher working to create educational and wellness based sailing experiences for people of all ages around the world. When asked about his approach to life he states; “I’m always trying to figure out how to harness my passions and enthusiasm for these things that have enriched my life so much so I can find ways to give back and help others”.

Skiing and sailing are the things that Scotty says "make him tick" and the gear he uses is critical. "The WhatVest is a perfectly developed accessory for me as a skier, one that I am proud to represent." Photo Cred: @johnhowlandphoto

You can follow Scotty on Instagram @scottyvermerris

Sizing Charts

WhatVest Sizing Chart:

Please remember you will be wearing layers under your WhatVest. If you are on the cusp in sizing we recommend sizing UP! 

2022 Adult WhatVest Sizing Chart:



Extra Small 4'9" - 5'5" / 90lbs - 145lbs

5'4" - 5'9" /  120lbs - 180lbs


5'9" - 6'2"  /  160lbs - 220lbs

Grom WhatVest Sizing Chart (Kids):

Small (6-8) 40"-50" / 45-60lbs 
Medium (10-12) " - 58" / 


Custom WhatVest Sizing Chart:

Extra Small 4'9" - 5'5" / 90lbs - 130lbs
Small 5'4" - 5'7" / 120lbs - 150lbs
Medium 5'7" - 5'10" / 140lbs - 170lbs
Large 5'10" - 6'2" / 170lbs - 200lbs
Extra Large 6' - 6'4" / 200lbs - 240lbs
Extra Extra Large Tall 6'4" - 6'8" / 240lbs - 325lbs

WhatVest Care Instructions: