Our Studio

Nadia Burton, CEO & Lead Designer

Nadia Burton was raised in the mountains of Colorado surrounded by art, soccer and skiing. After playing collegiate soccer at CU-Boulder she went on to ski professionally-both in park and big mountain- throughout her twenties based out of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Her experience in the ski industry spans from athlete to cat ski guide to helping run base operations for heli ski operations in Alaska. Nadia has been designing, sewing and manufacturing goods since 2013 and runs her business splitting her time between Laramie, Wyoming and Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Watch Nadia skiing Alaska.

Josh Burton, Co-Owner/Designer

Popping out of the womb wearing a PFD, Josh Burton was born and raised on the river. Both parents were raft guides based on the Nantahala River in Western North Carolina where Josh learned every water sport available and too has become a renowned river guide around the country. Josh takes on much of the Big Hollow and WhatVest marketing and social media tasks as well as manages the design of gear and apparel.

Erin Maloney, Master Seamstress

Erin Maloney is originally from Wisconsin, but fell in love with the Rocky Mountains. She now calls Laramie home where she has been sewing and designing outdoor clothing and gear for over 9 years. She enjoys trail running, camping, hiking, cross country skiing, and long walks on the beach. She frequently travels to Mexico and loves to go on adventures with her Chihuahua mix Skippy.

Brad Wilson, Production Assistant

Originally from western North Carolina, Brad moved to Wyoming from Maine in 2020 and enjoys playing around the wild and scenic west. After earning a BS in Geography he has worked as a cartographer, operations manager, guide, and arborist. He is a natural at industrial sewing and enjoys working with like minded folks. When not putting the hammer down on WhatVests you can find him rock or ice climbing, cooking, training, and hanging out with his partner Dulcinea and their dog Gracie.


Sizing Charts

WhatVest Sizing Chart:

Please remember you will be wearing layers under your WhatVest. 

2022-23 Adult WhatVest Sizing Chart:



Extra Small

5' - 5'5" / 90lbs - 145lbs


5'4" - 5'9" /  120lbs - 180lbs


5'9" - 6'3"  /  165lbs - 260lbs

Grom (Kids) WhatVest Sizing Chart:

Small (6-8) 40"-49" / 40 - 55 bs / ~ Age 6-8
Medium (8-10) 48"- 58" /  55 - 70lbs / ~ Age 8-10
Large (10-12) 57"- 64" / 70 - 100lbs / ~ Age 10-12


Custom WhatVest Sizing Chart:

Extra Small 4'9" - 5'5" / 90lbs - 130lbs
Small 5'4" - 5'7" / 120lbs - 150lbs
Medium 5'7" - 5'10" / 140lbs - 180lbs
Large 5'10" - 6'2" / 180lbs - 220lbs
Extra Large 6' - 6'4" / 220lbs - 270lbs
Extra Extra Large Tall 6'4" - 6'8" / 260lbs - 325lbs

WhatVest Care Instructions:

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